Severely Mentally Impaired

Where someone has been classed as severely mentally impaired, a reduction in the council tax charge for the property in which they live may be awarded. The person liable to pay council tax at the property, or someone acting on their behalf must complete this form.
When a property is occupied solely by a person or people who are severely mentally impaired, a 100% exemption may be awarded.  When a property is occupied by a person or people who are severely mentally impaired and by one other adult who is not, a 25% discount may be granted.
Important note: After you have submitted this form online, you will be asked to print and send it along with any evidence of entitlements to the patient’s Doctor to authorise.  In most cases, the Doctor will be familiar with the patient’s medical history, and may not need to see him/her before completing the certificate.  The completed form with documents relating to the patient's entitlement, should then be sent by the Doctor to the Benefits and Council Tax Team, PO Box 18015, Glenrothes, KY7 5YJ. 

The General Services Committee of the BMA has agreed that this certificate should be issued without charge.

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