Fife Council Complaints Form

Note that Fife Council uses the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman’s definition of a complaint which does not include requests for service such as complaints concerning noise nuisance, reporting pot holes, street light problems etc. These have their own reporting pages available from a quick search of this website.  

Fife Council is committed to the provision of high quality services. Occasionally, within such a large organisation, things can go wrong. When this happens, we will investigate all complaints received and communicate outcomes to you. Your views are important to us, and will be used to help us plan and improve our services for the future.

Should you have a complaint to make, you can do so by completing this online form.

For further information on Fife Council's complaint and appeal procedures and the timescales involved, please see the related information 'Complaining to Fife Council'.

Before you start filling out this form, sign into Fifedirect to keep a record in your account.

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