Disbanded Committees Committee Diary

Central Area Development Committee ( Disbanded May, 2007)

Terms of Reference: The Area Development Committee was disbanded in May, 2007.  It dealt with the following matters:-

- planning and related environmental matters, including:-

(a) consideration of structure plan issues in respect of area interests;

(b) recommendations on local plans; and

(c) determination of planning applications (excluding applications to be decided by the Environment and Development Committee under an agreed Fife Development Control Scheme);

building control;

- control of pollution and related environmental matters; and
- roads adoptions and construction consents and the naming of streets.

Scrutiny and Performance Review
The scrutiny and performance review functions of all committees are set out in paragraphs 3.6 and 3.8 of the Scheme of Administration (see What's the Policy section of the Information Directory).
Minutes & Agenda Items
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