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Education, Health & Social Care Scrutiny Committee

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The Education, Social & Communities Scrutiny Committee has three additional members with voting powers appointed, in terms of Section 124 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, to represent religious interests when it meets to consider education functions:-


Mr Alistair Crockett

Mr George Haggarty

Rev. Hugh D. Steele


Terms of Reference


1.         The Council has appointed two Scrutiny Committees with the following titles:-


(a)        Education, Health & Social Care Scrutiny Committee

(b)        Environment, Finance and Communities Scrutiny Committee


2.         The two Scrutiny Committees will have responsibility for scrutiny of the areas of the following Executive portfolio holders:-


Education, Health & Social Care Scrutiny Committee


  • Education, Children Young People and Families
  • Community Health and Wellbeing
  • Housing and Building Services


Environment, Finance and Communities Scrutiny Committee


  • Environment and Transportation
  • Finance and Corporate Services
  • Business, Enterprise and Planning


3.   The Scrutiny Committees will undertake the following functions in relation to their respective remits:-


  • monitor the performance of services and funded third party organisations against service delivery and financial targets;


  • consider decisions of the Executive Committee which have been called in under Standing Order 49;


  • commission reviews;


  • consider matters remitted to them by the Executive Committee or other committees;


  • the committees shall also scrutinise and investigate any particular matter referred to them by any member of the Council and which the committee considers requires further examination.


4.         The Scrutiny Committees will have the following powers:-


  • to invite individuals and / or representatives of organisations with expertise or interest in aspects of their remit to attend and / or contribute to meetings, either as regular participants or for a specific issue.  Such individuals will not have voting powers;


  • to require the Executive Committee member with relevant responsibility and/or relevant Executive Director/Head of Service to attend meetings and respond to relevant questions and / or to submit a report or written evidence on any relevant matter;


  • to request other members of the Council and outside organisations to attend meetings and / or give evidence and advice;


  • to submit comments and recommendations to the Executive Committee and the Council.


5.         Scrutiny Committees will submit a report on their activities to the Council periodically.


6.         Each Scrutiny Committee will comprise sixteen members of the Council appointed by the Council.  Party Groups shall be represented on the Scrutiny Committees in approximately their proportion on the full Council. The Council will decide the political balance on each committee before appointing its individual members.  The Council will also appoint the Chair of each committee.


7.         When the Education, Social and Communities Scrutiny Committee meets to advise the Council or the Executive on the discharge of its education functions, its voting membership shall also comprise three persons representing churches and other religions appointed under section 124 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973.



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