Disbanded Committees Committee Diary

Police Transition Committee (Disbanded 1 October 2013)


Terms of Reference


The terms of reference and functions of the Police Transition Committee are to discharge the Council's policing role under the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012, including:-


  • to provide comments on any Strategic Police Plan prepared by the Scottish Police Authority;


  • overseeing the operation of the Police Service of Scotland within Fife and, in particular:-


  • identifying any matters of concern relating to the policing of Fife;
  • making recommendations for the improvement of the policing of Fife


  • to consider and, if appropriate, approve any Local Policing Plan prepared by the Local Commander and to specify any policing measures which it wishes to be included in the Local Policing Plan;


  • keeping informed of policing matters in Fife and calling, as appropriate, for reports from the Local Commander in relation to:-


(i)         the carrying out of police functions within Fife;

(ii)        statistical information on complaints about the Police Service in, or the policing of, Fife;

(iii)       other information about policing in Fife


  • to provide advice or comments in response to any consultation involving the Council regarding the organisation, management or regulation of the Scottish Police Authority or the Police Service of Scotland including responding to any consultation regarding the appointment of a Local Commander;


  • overseeing the arrangements for an orderly transition to the national Police Service, ensuring the interests of Fife are safeguarded including beyond the point of transfer.


Scrutiny and Performance Review


The committee shall be responsible for the scrutiny and review of performance of the functions remitted to them.


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