Disbanded Committees Committee Diary

Health and Social Care Partnership (Disbanded)

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference and functions of the Health and Social Care Partnership which will sit as two concurrent committees of NHS Fife and the Council are to deal with the following matters:-


• provide strategic direction for the provision of community services which the Council and National Health Service (Fife) have agreed to deliver within joint resourcing arrangements;


• to oversee development strategy;


• to monitor the use of resources within approved resourcing arrangements;


• consider policy strategy and resource issues and make recommendations to partners;


• to connect and develop strategy in the context of the existing and emerging environment;


• approve joint resourcing arrangements and joint management plans within associated financial framework and agreed timetables;


• scrutinise such joint arrangements and plans and ensure that they are integrated and reflect the policies and priorities of the partners;


• monitor and review plans within agreed financial frameworks ensuring best value;


• ensure that proper public consultation and engagement procedures are in place to support joint governance arrangements;


• receive and approve reports on development proposals and business plans of the partner designed to meet joint objectives; and


• provide direction to Local Management Groups through agreed Schemes of Delegation for each partner.


NHS Fife Members

Dr Les Bisset

Vicky Irons

Rona Laing (Co-Chair)

Professor Scott McLean

Dr Brian Montgomery


Co-Opted Members

Kenny Murphy (Fife Voluntary Action)

Rachel Duff (Scottish Care)


Partnership Co-ordinator

Liz Mitchell

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