Economy, Tourism, Strategic Planning & Transportation Sub Committee

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 Economy, Tourism, Strategic Planning & Transportation Sub Committee


 The terms of reference and functions of the Economy, Tourism, Strategic Planning and Transportation Committee are to deal with the following matters:-

• sustainable development (including the development, promotion and implementation of policies and strategies to encourage sustainable development in Fife;

• all matters pertaining to City Region Planning (but excluding any matter remitted to the Planning Committees or Area Committees); and having an input to SESPlan and TayPlan;

• Approval of any Local Development Plan promoted by the Council, and associated Supplementary Planning Guidance;

• Planning and implementing community infrastructure to support strategic growth and development, and overseeing developer contributions towards strategic transport and educational capacity;

• economic development (including vocational training);

• Economic regeneration and vacant and derelict land;

• Overseeing the Council’s Employability work;

• tourism (insofar as relating to the functions of the Council);

• roads, but excluding all roads matters for which the Area Committees are responsible;

• transportation (including strategic transportation schemes and traffic orders required for such strategic schemes and charging orders);

• oversight of the Council’s ongoing relationship with South East Scotland Transport Partnership, and any successor body;

• provision of transport for educational purposes;

• harbours;

Economy, Tourism, Strategic Planning and Transportation Committee membership

The Committee will comprise 15 members, based on political balance calculated as above.

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