Disbanded Committees Committee Diary

Community & Housing Services Committee

CONTACT: DIANE BARNET - 03451 555555 EXT. 442334

 Community and Housing Services Committee


 The terms of reference and functions of the Committee are to deal with the following matters:-


• acting as a point of strategic liaison with the Area Committees, co-ordinating and assisting communication between the Areas and sharing best practice; to further this aim, all Area Conveners are to be members of the Committee;

• aiding and promoting public participation in the Council’s consultative and decision making functions, and community engagement in general;

• aiding and promoting community wellbeing, including community health, local environment, housing and community provision;

• ensuring the Council’s corporate response to the Community Empowerment Act 2015 is co-ordinated at all levels; dealing with requests to participate in a service;

• oversight, and development of, the Council’s corporate complaints procedure;

• all matters relating to the provision of community services for which the Council are responsible including:-

• community and further education and adult guidance insofar as within the responsibility of the Council;
• the provision or procurement of leisure, recreational and cultural facilities including parks, sports centres, allotments, the countryside, theatres, museums, art galleries and libraries;
• All matters in connection with the Council’s Arm’s Length External Organisation partners Fife Cultural Trust, Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, Fife Golf Trust, and Fife Coast and Countryside Trust;
• the promotion of community engagement and wellbeing and the development of initiatives to achieve Community Plan objectives;
• the development, maintenance and review of the Council’s community learning and development strategy;
• matters relating to the registration of births, deaths and marriages;
• strategies to regenerate and ensure sustainable communities including use of regeneration funding streams; and development of initiatives and arrangements to improve local service delivery neighbourhood management and quality of the local environment;
• Scheme for Community Councils;
• Fife wide grant funding.

• all matters relating to the Fife-wide provision of housing services for which the Council are responsible including:-

• the Council’s responsibilities as the statutory housing authority for Fife relating to the construction and acquisition of council housing, all matters relating to housing investment and the affordable housing programme;
• the provision of council housing;
• the development and implementation of housing policy, including the Council’s functions as landlord;
• all matters relating to the maintenance and development of Council housing;


Community and Housing Services Committee membership


The Committee will comprise 15 members, based on political balance calculated as above, but where possible including all Area Conveners.

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