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Scrutiny Committee

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Scrutiny Committee

The Scrutiny Committee will undertake the following functions, insofar as these lie outwith the remit of the Standards and Audit Committee:-

  • • Monitor overall performance results and undertake specific scrutiny to highlight improvement areas;
  • • commission reviews;
  • • consider matters remitted to them by the Council or other committees;
  • • scrutinise, and in doing so, review, decisions of the Strategic Committees called in by at least twenty Elected Members in line with Standing Orders;


The Scrutiny Committee will have the following powers:-

  • to invite individuals and / or representatives of organisations with expertise or interest in aspects of their remit to attend and / or contribute to meetings, either as regular participants or for a specific issue. Such individuals will not have voting powers;
  • to require the Strategic Convener with relevant responsibility and / or relevant Executive Director / Head of Service to attend meetings and respond to relevant questions and / or to submit a report or written evidence on any relevant matter;
  • to request other members of the Council and outside organisations to attend meetings and / or give evidence and advice;
  •  to submit comments and recommendations to the Council.

The Scrutiny Committee will submit a report on its activities to the Council periodically. 

When the Committee meets to advise the Council on the discharge of its education functions, its voting membership shall also comprise three persons representing churches and other religions appointed under section 124 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 subject to the restrictions on voting during the call in process set out in Standing Orders.

Where religious representatives appointed under section 124 of the 1973 Act are also members of the relevant Committee they shall not be entitled to vote on the Scrutiny Committee when it considers the subject matter called in.

The Committee shall have within its remit power to scrutinise health and social care issues whether or not arising through the work of the Integrated Joint Board, in respect of the Council’s interests.


The Committee will comprise 15 members, based on political balance calculated as above.


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