Scheme to limit commercial bins on St Andrews streets off to a good start

Archived news: published on Tuesday 05 Feb 2019 by Fife Council

Scheme to limit commercial bins on St Andrews streets off to a good start

Scheme to limit commercial bins on St Andrews streets off to a good start

The new commercial bin presentation policy for St Andrews town centre that was launched at the start of the year is off to a promising start thanks to positive action being taken by both local businesses and waste contractors within the area.

Under the scheme commercial waste can only be placed on the street within a specific collection window of 7:30am – 10:30am each day. Outwith these times no commercial waste or commercial waste containers will be allowed on public footways and roads in the area, other than those granted an exception. In addition waste that is presented in sacks must be protected by pest-proof covers when presented on the street. Containers found on streets and lanes in the town centre outside designated times could be removed by the council.

The new policy is designed to:

  • reduce the risk to public safety by removing a significant number of obstructions from footways and roads.
  • encourage local businesses to manage their waste more responsibly, which will ensure compliance with their legal duty of care responsibilities for the waste and recycling they produce.
  • reduce the amount of spilled waste and litter that can lead to vermin and gulls infestations.
The initial ‘soft launch’ of the policy that begun on the 1st of January, where officers progress to a warning without moving to the confiscation of bins will continue until the 1st of April when full policy implementation begins. This will also allow time for the council to further engage with and assist and businesses facing particular compliance challenges.

Councillor Ross Vettraino,  Convenor of the Environment, Protective Services and Community Safety Committee said:  “The business owners in St Andrews are to be commended for getting behind the policy and supporting it. Much of the feedback has been really good and the policy has already begun to deliver the desired effect of a cleaner and tidier St. Andrews.

“It is important that the remainder of the soft launch period is used to iron out any remaining issues to ensure, come the 1st of April, that all waste is being presented within the collection window and that sacks are covered by a pest proof cover.  If anyone is in need of advice or assistance, the Council’s staff will always be pleased to help.”
Ross J Vettraino OBE, Councillor 
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