Smart life in Fife

'Smart Life in Fife' is an online assessment tool to help identify the support you need

'Smart Life in Fife' is an online assessment tool to help identify the support you need

Smart life in Fife is an online self-assessment tool set up by the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership  to help people live independently for longer.
Aging well
People often worry about getting older and want to stay at home independently for as long as possible.
Research shows early intervention and prevention is most effective in the initial stages of aging, and where interventions are specific to the person’s needs. Currently, Health and Social Care services often don’t see people until they are in crisis. To help prevent this, Fife has an online self – assessment tool called ‘Smart Life in Fife’. It allows people to make choices, take control and self-manage their health and mobility at an earlier stage.
Smart life in Fife is for people who are beginning to have difficulties at home. The website offers advice, services, recommendations, and also lists the equipment available on loan from Fife Community Equipment Store.
Simple online system - 
The online system allows you to select the area of the home where you or your family members are having difficulties. You are guided through an easy step by step assessment process to identify what solutions might be best for you.
You may be given:
• Advice regarding exercise and ageing well
• Links to local amenities such as “On Your Doorstep” and “Fife Direct”
• Links to local and national assistive equipment providers
• Links to general health information via “NHS inform”
• Loan equipment from Fife Community Equipment Store’
You can use it yourself or ask a family member to help you.
The system behind Smart life in Fife is based on validated scientific research and extensive testing. It focuses on activities of daily living such as bathing, getting around and housework. It also provides access to a wide range of professional advice and recommendations on home safety, local amenities and general health information.
By addressing issues at an early stage, everyday activities can be made easier and people will live more independently at home for longer.
In order to start your self-assessment go to:
To sign up and create an account you will need an email address and a Fife postcode.
All personal date on the system is held in accordance with the “Data protection Act 1998” but does not cover third party websites linked to Smart life in Fife.
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