Council Spending

Revenue Expenditure

Revenue expenditure is the day to day costs incurred by the Council in providing services. It includes salaries, running costs, interest payments, and repayments of debt. Revenue expenditure on all services except council housing is charged to the General Fund and financed by a combination of fees & charges, government grants, non-domestic rates and council tax. Expenditure on council housing is financed almost wholly by rents.

Capital Expenditure

Capital expenditure is the spending on improvements works to council houses, schools, roads, leisure facilities and other assets of the Council. It also includes the acquisition of land and buildings, purchase of vehicles and procurement of plant and other equipment. The system of capital controls is a self regulatory system called the Prudential Code. It focuses on a number of prudential indicators which measure the affordability, prudence and sustainability of planned capital expenditure. The main sources of finance are borrowing, capital from current revenue, receipts from disposal of assets and capital; grants from various external bodies.

Housing Revenue Account

There is a statutory requirement for local authorities to maintain a Housing Revenue Account (HRA) separate from the General Fund. All expenditure incurred and income received in the provision of rented accommodation must be included in the HRA.
The Council is not allowed to subsidise the HRA by making contributions from the General Fund. Accordingly the HRA must break even in its own right.


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