Do I need planning permission?

Permitted Development Rights allow some householder development work to be undertaken without the need for planning permission.   We advise you to check this information before starting any work.  Further information can be found on the Scottish Government pages.

If, after checking the information, you think planning permission is required you should make an application. 


If you are not sure if planning permission is required and you would like us to assess whether or not your proposal will need permission will need to do so via a Certificate of Lawfulness.   There is a fee for this service and details of fees can be found on our page Costs and How to Pay.   Please note your Certificate of Lawfulness could be refused in which case you will need to apply for full planning permission and pay the associated fee.


If you do not think planning permission is required you can either go ahead with the work without advising us or you can apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness.  A Certificate of Lawfulness provides you with evidence that an existing or proposed development is lawful and does not require planning permission.   Quite often documents of this sort are required when you wish to sell your home.

To find out if you need planning permission for any proposed works you can get advice from a number of sources.  You should be aware that charges may apply depending upon the service you choose.  Impartial advice on all planning matters can be obtained from Planning Aid for Scotland, the internet, a professional agent/architect or a lawyer.

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