Preparing to Recruit


At this stage of the process there are a number of areas to consider:


  • Establishment Process – a critical step to take when preparing to recruit is to check whether or not the post has previously been evaluated and whether it has an approved role profile.


  • Consider how to fill the post:


          Young people

          Appointing previously interviewed applicants


          Temporary employment

          Employees seeking redeployment

          Internal only posts

          Casual/Supply/Relief Workers

          Agency Workers


  • Recruiting Managers Training – if you are using Talentlink for the first time you will need to secure approval to be added as a user, from your Line Manager. To secure this approval you must complete certain training courses.


  • Selection Panel – as Recruiting Manager you are responsible for selecting and establishing the panel.


Go to RS22 Preparing To Recruit for the detail.






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