Culture in Fife

Fifers created their own definition or shared understanding of what that tricky work ‘culture’ means to us here.

This is the ‘Fife’ definition:

'The range of different means through which people create, explore, interpret, celebrate, enjoy, express, learn about, acknowledge and respect the diversity of our lives, communities and environments.'

This section has a host of information ranging from what cultural life is like in Fife to the changing developments of Fife’s commitment to Culture through it’s first ever Cultural Strategy.  See how you can influence decisions and developments of Culture in Fife by joining our Cultural Consortium network.

  • view the changes that are being made to Fife's Cultural Strategy
  • find out about Fife Council's Cultural Partnerships Team
  • see if you qualify for Fife's Culture Grant to take forward your groups ambitions
  • access the new and updated FIFER Events & Wellbeing Toolkit
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