Admissions Process

 In Fife, the Education & Children’s Services Directorate discharges its duty to secure effective and efficient education for the local authority area by operating a “catchment” system to enable parents/carers to comply with their duty to provide efficient education for their child. Each catchment area includes a non-denominational primary and secondary school and each catchment area also has access to denominational (Roman Catholic) primary and secondary provision.


Sometimes a military family will not be able to supply a postal address as no house has been allocated as part of the new posting. In these circumstances, you should contact the Headteacher of your local school and you will be supported through the process.


Information on registering your child in your school is available here.


All admissions forms for Scottish local authority schools include a short section where parents can identify themselves as military families. We want to ensure that schools are aware of your particular circumstances and can support you and your children appropriately. You are not obliged to identify yourselves as military families but doing so helps to ensure that your needs are met.



The first point of contact on all education issues is the Headteacher of your local school. If your child has an additional support need,it is important to get in touch with the local Headteacher well in advance of your move to ensure that a smooth transition can be put in place. This enables staff to make progress on assessment of need so that any allocation of specialist support is not unduly delayed.


More information on support for children with additional needs is available online here.



Name:N Conlin, Education Officer

Tel:     01334659362





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