Information Sharing in Fife

Scottish Accord on the Sharing of Personal Information (replaces Fife Gold Standard)
Fife partner agencies - Fife Council, NHS Fife and Police Scotland:Fife Division - have agreed, and signed up to, a new two-tier data sharing framework, the Scottish Accord on the Sharing of Personal Information or SASPI.


Piloted in Fife, with support from the Scottish Government, the SASPI is intended as a potential national framework which agencies across Scotland can agree and sign–up to. There is desire, both locally and nationally, to improve data sharing, particularly across regional boundaries. The SASPI offers a mechanism for Scottish agencies to transition from multiple and diverse regional agreements to a single consistent, clear and accessible national framework.

In addition to Fife, a number of other areas have adopted the SASPI framework including: Dumfries and Galloway..


Scottish Accord

The Accord identifies the commitments required by each organisation to enable sharing of personal information. Sign up and ownership are at the highest level in each organisation. It is a statement of the principles and assurances which govern the activity of information sharing. It ensures that the rights of all those who are involved in this process are properly protected.

Information Sharing Protocols
These protocols provide specific guidance on data sharing for practitioners. Each ISP covers a specific area of work and has identified partners. A list of partner ISP's is available on the Fifedirect website.
Privacy notices for people who receive our services
Customers and other people who provide personal information to the council usually know how this information will be used. Sometimes it's used for additional purposes, such as providing information about other services available to you or to prevent fraud.

In these circumstances we would provide you with a privacy notice which explains how your personal information will be used, processed and shared.


Data Glossary
A glossary of terms relevant to all aspects of data sharing is attached to this page. It includes definitions of consent; data types in common usage and can be a useful communication aid for multi-agency working.



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