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Enter your details into the Benefits Calculator to find out if you qualify and to see how much you may get.  Complete the application form if you wish to apply.

NB: this is an estimate, when we process your application we will let you know the exact amount.

How to apply

Apply Online

If you don't have access to a PC with an internet connection at home, you can use:

  • Self Service PC's at local offices
  • EzFife PC's at any community library in Fife
  • Internet cafes
  • A friend or relatives house where there is internet access

If you need help or support completing the application form, please call us on 03451 55 11 55.


When you make a claim for housing benefit we need you to provide evidence to support your claim.  All documents, certificates and evidence must be originals.  You should provide this evidence within 14 days to us at the address below, or to a Local Office.

If you choose to return your evidence to a Local Office, we recommend you make an appointment. Although it is not always necessary, this will make sure you receive the best possible service. To arrange an appointment please call 03451 55 11 55.

Benefits and Council Tax Team
PO BOX 18015
North Street

Evidence of identity and National Insurance Number (NINO)

  • National insurance number card
  • Valid passport
  • Social security award Letters
  • Photo ID card with signature
  • Driving licence
  • Birth or marriage certificate
  • EEC identity card
  • Tax credits award letters

Evidence of where you live

  • Utility bill
  • Bank statement

Evidence of unearned income

  • Jobcentre Plus award letter
  • Pension Credit award letter
  • Tax Credit award letter
  • Pension statement
  • Letter from Child Support Agency or Legal Agreement
  • Universal Credit award letter

Evidence of earnings

  • 5 consecutive weekly payslips, or
  • 3 consecutive fortnightly payslips, or
  • 2 consecutive monthly or four weekly payslips, or
  • A certificate of earnings completed and stamped by the employer

Evidence of capital

  • Bank and building society statements showing the last 2 months transactions and current balance
  • Pass book
  • Post Office book
  • Premium bonds
  • National Savings Certificates
  • Stocks and shares certificates
  • Land and property - proof of ownership and mortgage statements.  If the property is up for sale,  provide copy of estate agents schedule. 

Appealing a Decision on Housing Benefit

If you disagree with the decision we have made about your housing benefit claim. You can get more information about the decision.

You should get in touch with us within a month of being notified or we may not be able to consider any dispute.  You can appeal by contacting us on the details below.

Acting as an Appointee

You can claim housing benefit for another person if you are acting as their appointee.

As an appointee, you agree to take over all responsibilities of the housing benefit claim. This includes:

  • Receiving payment
  • Letting the team know of relevant change in circumstances, for example:
  • end of income support / job seekers allowance;
  • changes to family members;
  • change of address;
  • changes to non-dependants; and
  • changes with capital or income.
  • Housing Benefit over-payment arrangements.

If the person you wish to act for is already claiming Housing Benefit :

If the person you wish to act for does not already receive Housing Benefit you must also fill in the Appointee form and return it to a Local Office or the Benefits and Council Tax Team.


Your entitlement will usually start on the Monday after we receive your application.  If you would like it to start from an earlier date, you must have a good reason for not applying earlier. We can consider backdating your application for up to 1 month.

If you want us to consider backdating, you must write to us giving your reasons for not applying at the appropriate time. The reasons you give must apply throughout the period which you are applying for.

If you have reached State Pension Credit qualifying age, are due to to pay Council Tax for the last 3 months (from the date we receive). Then your application will automatically cover that period. If you reach State Pension Credit qualifying age within the 3 month period. Benefits are payable from that date. 

By Post: Benefits and Council Tax Assessment Team, PO BOX 18015, Glenrothes, KY7 5YJ
Tel: 03451 55 11 55
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