Food hygiene training

If you are involved in handling, processing or serving food to the public then you must have some level of food hygiene training.

The exact nature of the training is not specified in law. Whatever form of training you choose  however has to be appropriate for the type of work that you do. For example, a chef needs a higher level of knowledge than someone waiting tables. A manager may need more advanced hygiene training than the chef. It's the proprietor's duty to consider which level of training is required for each member of staff.

We recognise the training courses offered by the Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland REHIS (takes you to an external website). There are three different training levels:

  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

In Fife there are several colleges that provide courses and anyone interested in undertaking training or providing it for their employees should contact these colleges directly. In addition, the elementary food hygiene course is provided at many secondary schools throughout Fife and funded by the Food Standards Agency (takes you to an external site).

The Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland website (external site) lists all training providers in your local area.

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