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Layout of Information

As well as summary information on new and renewal HMO applications the Weekly List will also specify the deadline for receipt of representations (formally known as objections) for each application.  Please be aware that some of the weekly lists will have zero entries where there are no applications to record that week.

Objections and appeals

Applicants are required to advertise a new or renewal application for licence by a site notice.  A site notice is provided to them with their application form. All HMO applicants will be advised by HMO Licensing as to when the notice should be displayed.  This notice should be completed clearly and legibly.  Applicants must also ensure that the notice is displayed at or near the property in a position where it can be easily read by members of the public for a period of 21 days.  

Any representation relating to an application for a new or renewal licence will be considered by the licensing authority, only if it:

  1. is in writing;
  2. specifies the grounds of the representation or, the nature of the representation;
  3. specifies the name and address of the person making it;
  4. is signed by him/or her or on his or her behalf;
  5. was made to them within 21 days of whichever is the latest of the following dates;

(i)         where public notice of the application was published on Fifedirect website, the date it was first published;

(ii)        where Fife Council have required the applicant to display the Notice again from a specified date, that date;

(iii)       in any other case, the date when a valid application was made to the Council.

This site notice specifies how representations should be submitted and gives the closing date.  Any member of the public can submit a representation in relation to an HMO application.  The representation must be made to HMO Licensing, specify the grounds of the objection or the nature of the representation, be signed by the objector or on his/her behalf, and must be received by the Council within 21 days of the Notice of Application or publication on Fifedirect. The Council may consider late representations if they can be satisfied that there is sufficient reason why it was not made in time.  Written representationscan be posted to: HMO Licensing Team, Housing and Neighbourhood Services, 3rd Floor, Rothesay House, Rothesay Place, Glenrothes, Fife KY7 5PQ or alternatively email

The Council will not automatically refuse an application just because a representation has been made. The representationwill be copied to the applicant, who will have an opportunity to respond.  The Council will take into account all the information it has about the HMO and the landlord before making its decision.  In order to come to a decision the council will hold a hearing to decide on the application.

Notice of Hearing

HMO Licensing will write to both parties inviting them to attend the hearing. Copies of representations will be issued shortly after the 21 day objection period has elapsed. Representations submitted to HMO Licensing will be copied in full to the applicant prior to any hearing.  Members of the public who have made a representation and the HMO applicant will be given at least fourteen days’ notice of such a hearing and will be invited to attend and speak at it.


The Council will notify its decision to the applicant and any members of the public who have made representations within seven days of the hearing. There is a right of appeal to the Sheriff Court.  Appeals must be made within 28 days of the Sheriff’s decision.  



HMO Licensing Department
Tel: 01592 583162 Contact HMO Licensing Department online
By Post: Rothesay House Rothesay Place Glenrothes Fife KY7 5PQ
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