Garden Security

House and garden picture

House and garden picture


Often we fail to consider how easy it is to steal from a garden and leave a lot of equipment and expensive items unsecured, not considering that someone may steal it.


Patio furniture, barbeques, solar lights, and bird tables are all amongst items stolen with thefts from sheds a particular problem. The following advice can help deter thieves and keep your belongings secure:


  • Ensure that your garden furniture has been security coded by marking it with paint, engraving or even ultraviolet pen. Garden furniture can easily carried away so store it inside when not in use.


  • Your garden shed should be in a good state of repair and fitted with a shed alarm which can be bought from your nearest main police station.


  • The screws and nails securing the door hinges and hasp should be replaced with dome headed bolts to prevent the door being simply screwed off and a good quality close shackle padlock should be used to lock the shed up.


  • If possible, consider installing additional sliding bolts or hasps at both the top and bottom of the door to prevent leverage underneath the door. If you have windows in your shed, consider fitting a heavy wire mesh inside the window and property such as bikes, lawnmowers, powerwashers and golf clubs should be chained together and locked to the interior of the shed.


  • Install security lighting to illuminate your garden. Passive infra red sensors can switch lights on when movement is detected. A low cost alternative light that will probably be more comfortable for nearby neighbours is a low-pressure sodium light operated automatically on a dusk to dawn sensor.



For further advice on garden security contact your local police Community Safety Officer on 101.


If you have information on thefts from gardens, please call Police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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