Preparing your child for school

Starting primary school is an exciting time for children - and often an emotional one for parents. Here in Fife we take great care to make sure both you and your children know what to expect long before the big day comes. 

Preparing your child for school

In the first few days your child will face new places, people, rules and relationships.  This can be both an exciting and frightening experience.  You can help by familiarising your child with their new environment before school starts.

Make at least one visit to the school before your child’s first day.  If possible, arrange to show your child around their new classroom and meet their teacher.  Take a look at where they’ll leave their coat and lunchbox and show them the toilets, playground and hall.

Talk about each place as you visit it.  For some children just looking will be enough.  But others, who learn more rapidly through hearing, will benefit from your descriptions.

Find out about the daily routine from the teacher and let your child know what to expect.  For example, many schools start with reading on the mat, the daily register and so on.  Knowing what’s coming next will help your child make sense of their day.

Lastly, for your own reassurance you could ask the teacher what method he or she uses to settle the children.

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