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National Recruitment Portal

National Recruitment Portal

Myjobscotland is the national recruitment website and portal used by Fife Council and all other Scottish local authorities. A new portal and website was launched during January 2015. Please click https://www.myjobscotland.gov.uk/ to view the website.


To support managers with using the new portal, managers are asked to attend a mandatory training session.  Details are on CLMS.


Following attendance at the mandatory training session user account details will be ordered from COSLA. These will take a few days to be received.


In addition to the mandatory training session recruiting managers should use the range of self-service training guides itemised below. Recruiting managers should also refer to the guides:


RS22 Preparing To Recruit

RS23 Advertising A Vacancy

RS24 The Selection Process

RS25 Pre-Employment Checks and Offer




Stage of Process



  Manager – on receipt of their account details, logs into and sets up TalentLink using the training guide 'Initial Set   up'.


Guide 0


  Manager – Approves advert in TalentLink – Recruitment Team sends the approval request through TalentLink to the Approver(s) of the vacancy. 

  Approvers of the vacancy should follow training guide 'Approve a Vacancy' to see what action they need to take to approve a vacancy.


Guide 1


  Recruitment Team – Make job live and advise Manager advert is live


 No Guide


  Manager – Shortlists in TalentLink – Recruitment Team – Sends task through TalentLink to recruiting manager to carry out a panel review for each application in TalentLink.

  The recruiting manager should follow training guide 'Bulk Rejection After Application Review'.


Guide 2


  Manager – Sets up interviews in TalentLink.

  The recruiting manager should follow training guide 'Schedule Interview Time Slots' to set up their interview time slots.


Guide 3


  Manager - After following Schedule Interview Time Slots, the next step is to invite candidates to interview.

  To invite candidates to interview:
  • Let candidate to choose their own interview time - recruiting managers should follow training guide 'Interview Self Service'
  • Alternatively recruiting managers who want to set the time of the interviews should follow training guide 'Interview Manual Booking'..

Guide 4 & Guide 5


  Manager – Once the interviews have been held and your successful candidate has verbally accepted you should advise the Recruitment Team of successful candidate(s).  Complete the 'Successful Candidate Information Form' in TalentLink  ** You must ensure you upload the successful candidate’s documents to TalentLink **


Guide 6


  Manager – Once the interviews have been held and your successful candidate has verbally accepted you should follow the training guide 'Reject After Interview'.


 Guide 7


  Manager – Once the interviews have been held complete a 'Candidate Assessment Form' for all candidates after Interview in TalentLink following guide 'Feedback form after Interview'.


Guide 8


  Recruitment Team – Issues conditional offer of employment to the preferred candidate, requests references, carries out safer recruitment checks and advises the recruiting manager once complete.


 No Guide


  Recruitment Team – following all safer recruitment checks, issues the unconditional offer of employment to the successful candidate(s). Manager to contact the successful candidate to make their start arrangements.


 No Guide


 E-Learning versions of the TalentLink Guides are now available 

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