Decision notices, appeals and reviews

If you are unhappy with the decision made on your application you can challenge the decision. You can do this if you have been refused permission or perhaps one of the conditions applied is unacceptable.

The way in which your application has been determined will influence who undertakes the appeal or review.   Please check the information contained in your Decision Letter as this will tell you how to proceed.

You can also request an appeal or review if your application has not been determined within the time period set out in the original acknowledgement letter.    If you choose to do this then your application will be considered as refused on the date that you submit your request.

You will not receive a refund if your application is refused.  If you re-submit your application within 12 months you will not need to pay a further fee. However the application must be of the same character or description to which your earlier application relates and to no other development.  You may wish to discuss your proposal with the Case Officer to establish if there are any alterations to the application which may make it acceptable.

Only applicants have the right to appeal.

If you objected to a planning application which is then approved by the Council you are not able to appeal the decision.





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