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August 2016

Affordable Housing Annual Report

Fife Council is on track to deliver on its commitment of 2,700 affordable homes by 2017, as it marks that all developments are now complete, or are under construction, across the Kingdom.

With a total investment across partners in excess of £300 million*, all 2,700 affordable homes are now either built or underway to meet local people’s needs by delivering quality, affordable housing.



July 2016

The annual update of the Local Housing Strategy 2015-2020 has been completed and sent to the Scottish Government for feedback and local authority peer review.

The year-end performance report for the 86 milestones contained in the first-year LHS Outcome Plan indicates that 40% were completed on target, 52% showed performance slippage and a total of 8% will not be progressing as originally planned due to changed or unforeseen circumstances. 

A copy of the LHS annual review and updated outcomes are attached


LHS 2015-16 Performance









Not Progressing / other








 May 2016

Fife Council’s Audit & Risk Management Service carried out an audit of the Fife Housing Partnership approach to Governance. 

The audit reviewed:

  • Housing Services approach to partnership working with other organisations,
  • Assessed whether the agreements in place were appropriate and operating effectively.

The review for the Fife Housing Partnership merited a Grade 1 and assessed the overall risk as Low.  A copy of the audit report is attached.


 October 2015

The first 6 monthly briefing of the Local Housing Strategy 2015-2020 has been produced. 

The purpose of the briefing is to keep stakeholders updated with the progress on the 8 priorities identified in the strategy. 

Fife Housing Partnership are responsible for advising and directing work to improve housing services across all tenures and work in partnership to monitor the delivery of the LHS.

A copy of the LHS 6 monthly briefing is attached.

FHP Signing Agreement

FHP Signing Agreement

August 2015

The Local Housing Strategy for 2015-20 has recently been published and this has prompted a review of the current FHP agreement. 

The agreement outlines the responsibilities and expectations of the partnership and how we will deliver on the 8 priority themes within the Local Housing Strategy.

The agreement was signed at the FHP meeting on 28 August 2015. 

A copy of the agreement is attached.

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