Relationships and behaviour

In Fife we are committed to ensuring that all members of our school communities are treated with respect, and can learn and work in safe environments. To help us achieve this important aim we have developed a Relationships and Behaviour Strategy.

This strategy outlines a number of ways in which we support children and young people to develop and maintain positive relationships, and to achieve all of the four capacities which are at the heart of Scottish Education. Through our strategy we help children to become: 

  • Successful learners
  • Confident Individuals
  • Effective Contributors
  • Responsible Citizens
We know that at times some children need some extra help to deal with relationship or behaviour issues in their lives. We also know that we can only be successful in tackling these issues and achieving these outcomes if we work effectively with parents and carers. By working in partnership with you we can support your child if they are experiencing relationship or behaviour difficulties in school, and we can support you if you have concerns beyond school. We can also work alongside any other agencies or services which might be supporting your child, and ensure that any support plan is well thought out and co-ordinated.
If you have any concerns about any aspect of your child's relationships or behaviour please contact your child's school directly and discuss your concerns with the headteacher or the member of staff who works most closely with your child. In partnership we can work together to help your child develop good relationships, enjoy being at school, and learn as effectively as possible.
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