Anti-bullyingWe are committed to providing a safe and caring learning environment for all children and young people.  Bullying in any form is unacceptable and we have taken the following actions to ensure that all children feel safe and free from bullying or the threat of bullying.

  • Working with respectMe, Scotland’s national anti-bullying agency, we have reviewed our Anti-bullying policy, building on work which has been ongoing in Fife and elsewhere for several years. As part of this policy we have a number of teachers who are trained anti-bullying trainers, who pass their knowledge and skills on to other teachers. Our schools are also required to log any instances of bullying and this information is reviewed regularly by Education Service Management.
  • Every school in Fife is required to develop and maintain their own anti-bullying policy. This is developed in conjunction with children and parents, and is reviewed reqularly. Central to every policy is a commitment to encouraging children to be confident about approaching an adult if they feel they are being bullied, knowing that their concerns will be taken seriously. You can download your school’s  anti-bullying policy from their website.
  • On rare occasions when bullying does occur our key priorities are to make sure that the child who has been bullied feels safe and protected.  Our aim is to resolve the situation in a way that minimizes the chance of any recurrence. Schools apply restorative approaches in situations like this, by ensuring the child who has bullied realises the negative impact of their behaviour and understands that bullying is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  We firmly believe that this approach helps children to change their behaviour and reduce the risk of them bullying in the future.
  • Underpinning our commitment to anti-bullying is a range of measures and approaches to ensure that bullying is unlikely to occur in the first place. These are outlined in our Relationships and Behaviour Strategy, which is designed to support the development of positive behaviour and relationships in all schools. We know that when children feel safe and happy they enjoy school more and learn more effectively. The Relationships and Behaviour Strategy aims to achieve this, and to reduce the likelihood of any bullying occurring.

If you have any concerns about bullying in your school - please contact your school in the first instance.

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