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There are three Family and Community Support Teams across Fife (see structure publication below).

Each of the Family and Community Support Teams have a focus on target clusters but can consider and support referrals for family support outwith these areas where referral criteria is met.


Referral Criteria

The Family and Community Support Team will consider referrals for family support at Level 3 Extended Support in line with Fife's Model of Staged Intervention.  More information is available in the Family and Community Support Team - Referral Form and Guidance (see publications below).

Level 4 Enhanced Support where there is already a Child’s Plan in place, would be considered in partnership with a range of services where appropriate.

The focus of the referral should be that the involvement from the Family Worker will help ensure that the child/young person/family is supported appropriately, proportionately and timely.

In considering a referral, the service will consider how the Family Worker can work collaboratively with other agencies and service providers involved. This may require implementation of a Child’s Plan.


Referral Process

The referral form (see publications below) must be completed in full by the named person, lead professional or agreed other person. The completion of the referral form is expected to help the referrer reflect on the support already provided and focus on what would now be needed to improve the situation for the child and family.

A referral to Family and Community Support Team must come through either School Liaison Group (SLG), Primary Support Group (PSG), or similar multi-agency meeting.

Early discussion with the Family Work Co-ordinator regarding a referral is recommended.

Information provided in the referral form will help the service decide whether or not our service is the most appropriate.  Please refer to the referral form guidance for more information (see publications below).

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