Register a death

A death occurring in Scotland must be registered within 8 days.

When someones dies in Scotland, you can register their death anywhere in Scotland.  No burial or cremation can take place without the death having first been registered.

When you register a death, you will be issued with:

  • A free abbreviated Death Certificate
  • A Form 14 for your Funeral Director

Please use the contact details below to make an appointment to register the death at one of our registration offices.

Due to the introduction of the ‘Certification of Death (Scotland) Act 2011’ the death you are registering may be selected for medical review and you may not immediately be able to complete the death registration. You can still make provisional funeral arrangements while the medical review is underway, however, the funeral cannot take place until the medical review has been completed. The registrar will explain the review process and timescales in more detail at your appointment. You can read more about the medical review process by visiting

When you are registering a death, the Registrar will be able to help you with advice about the certificates you might need, and about other Fife Council services.

You can also use our useful bereavement service Tell Us Once which informs many departments of both local and central government when someone has died.  This service is usually carried out at the appointment to register the death. To use this service please bring with you:

  • Deceased person's National Insurance number.
  • Their passport or passport number (if they had one)
  • Their driving licence or driving licence number (if they had one)
  • Surviving spouse's National Insurance number

This can be a difficult time for you and we all want to make things as straightforward as possible, so please ask if we can help in any way.


There is no charge to register a death, however if you want a full death certificate, which shows the cause(s) of death, this costs £10 at the time of registration.

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