Mutual Owners with Fife Council

What Are Mutual Repairs?

As a home owner you are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your property, including common parts as outlined within your title deeds.  Fife Council jointly owns the common parts of the property and therefore has a common responsibility for arranging mutual repairs and/or maintenance.  We progress these works through liaising and working with the owners within the block.  

Reporting a Mutual Repair
Repairs to communal areas can be undertaken by owners upon receiving permission.  Alternatively they can be reported by owners, private tenants and Fife Council tenants.  Reporting a repair is easy and can be done in the following ways:
• Call our contact centre, Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm on 03451 55 00 11.
• Call our contact centre out of hours from 8pm week days, 24 hours a day at weekends and public holidays on 03451 55 00 99.
• Visit your Local Neighbourhood Office (office opening times may differ from office to office (check the opening times).
• Email the Mutual Owners Shared Repairs Service at 
• Contact the Factoring Services team at 
Emergency Repairs
Emergency Repairs are classed as repairs where there is a health and safety risk or potential for further damage to a property.  
Examples of Emergency Repairs include:
• Close lights not working and leaving the stairwell in darkness
• A roof tile which has broken and is dangerous or letting in water
• A piece of rhone which is hanging from the building
• A loose step or slab which is causing a trip hazard
• Burst pipes within communal areas
Emergency work can be carried out to a common part of a property by an interested owner without the approval of other owners where there is a health and safety risk to a member of the public or if there is potential for further damage.  Where an owner contacts Fife Council to advise of emergency work that has been carried out, the repair will be inspected by a Mutual Owners Officer.  The owner will be required to submit a receipted invoice for the emergency repair before Fife Council arranges a re-imbursement of their share of the costs.
The reimbursement payment is made by bank transfer and can take up to 20 working days allowing for post inspection and processing of payment. 
Where an emergency repair is reported, Fife Council will carry out the works to ensure there is no risk to the health and safety of residents and/or to avoid serious damage to the building or structure.  The minimum work required to make safe will be undertaken, prior to title deeds being checked and all owners with a responsibility will be issued with a notice advising of their liability for the works and costs due.  A small percentage fee will be added
to all invoices to cover the costs of administration.  Advice will be provided on how payments can be made.
Please be aware that Council tax does not cover the cost of communal repairs. 
Routine and Major repairs
Repairs which do not fit the criteria of emergency works, but which would cause disrepair if left, are categorised as routine repairs.  A routine repair can be minor or major depending on the amount of work required.  A majority of owners must agree for any repair work to go ahead.  
Where works are undertaken by Fife Councils Factoring and Mutual Owners Team, a fee of 10% will be added to cover the administration of mutual repairs.  Where the property is being factored, this fee will be covered by the Factoring Management Fee. 
Where owners fail to pay for their share of works, Fife Council will seek recovery of monies.  A Notice of Potential Liability or Standard Security may be lodged against an owner’s title deed.  Owners will be required to pay the costs for registering a Notice which currently stands at £60. 
Owner led repairs 
All owners have the right to instigate a common repair. Fife Council will offer specialist information and advice to owners to allow them to lead on mutual repairs. In such circumstances: 
• The owner should supply a minimum of 3 quotes for major repairs (eg roof replacements, chimney repairs) or 2 quotes for minor repairs (eg fence replacement, clearing of rhones) to the Mutual Owners Team.  Discretion can be taken depending on the repair specification.  
• Contractors should provide evidence that they have a minimum of £2.5 million public liability insurance.  Discretion can be used depending on the repair specification and the associated risks. 
• The preferred contractor will be selected based on Best Value and suitability.
• The selected contractor must complete a contractor’s declaration form confirming adherence to health & safety guidelines and quality of work guarantees.
• The lead owner must complete an owner’s declaration form and is responsible for paying the contractor and recovering shared costs from other affected owners.
• Re-imbursement of Fife Council’s share of the costs will only be authorised following inspection of the repair by a Mutual Owners Officer, ensuring it has been carried out satisfactorily and after receiving a receipted invoice from the contractor.  
Fife Council’s Factoring and Mutual Owners Teams abide by the following legislation:
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