Work Equipment: Selection, use and maintenance

Page under construction 15th August 2016.


Effective delivery of Council Services is almost universally dependent on the appropriate selection and the correct use and maintenance of work equipment.

From a health and safety perspective, we must ensure that our safe systems of work ensure the appropriate selection, use, maintenance and ultimate disposal of work equipment and thus avoid work-related incidents, injuries, or cases of industrial disease.


“Work equipment” has a very broad definition and every Service will be involved with the selection, use or maintenance of work equipment to a greater or lesser extent.


Our publication Provision, safe use and maintenance of work equipment  provides relevant guidance and information about Council standards and will support senior managers and others in complying with Parts 2 and 3 of the Council’s Health and Safety Management Framework.


Our Information pages on Health and Safety in Procurement and Electrical Appliance Safety also refer. Additional guidance on specific requirements for lifting equipment is in preparation and will be available via these pages by end September 2016.




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