Local Housing Strategy

Our local housing strategy identifies the housing issues affecting our local communities.

Our strategy provides us and our partners with a framework for working together. It will help to make all local communities in Fife a place where everyone can enjoy affordable good quality housing in a pleasant and safe environment.

The key housing issues that need to be tackled over the next 5 years are set out below:

  • Prevention of Homelessness
  • Access to Housing
  • Healthy Heating & Poverty
  • Housing Health & Social Care
  • New Housing Supply
  • Private Sector Condition
  • Sustainable Places
  • Home Energy


A Local Housing Strategy covering the period 2015-2020 has been prepared by Fife Council and its partners through the Fife Housing Partnership.  This will provide the strategic direction to tackle housing need and demand and to inform the future investment in housing and related services across Fife. 

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Local Housing Strategy
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