PPP School Building Inspections

Information for parents following recent closures of Private Public Partnership (PPP) schools in Edinburgh (April 2016).


13 April 2016 - Shelagh McLean, Head of Education and Children’s Services:

“Following initial visual inspections we’ve had confirmation from both our PPP contractors that these did not identify any cause for concern.

“To offer additional comfort, and mitigate further doubts regarding the integrity of the PPP2 Schools, the contractor agreed to undertake its own intrusive sample survey; this was done in conjunction with an independent third party engineer. 

“In addition, our own in-house structural engineer inspected a sample of PPP2 schools during the Easter holidays. These inspections found no obvious signs of structural issues at any of the properties.

“Fife Council has now instructed independent structural assessments of all Fife Council PPP schools. These in- depth technical investigations are scheduled to be ongoing over the next few weeks.

“At this time, the investigations to date have given us no cause for concern therefore the schools continue to be in operation as normal. Officers are working closely with both PPP1 and PPP2 contractors to monitor the situation and we will respond as required should any information become available to change this position.”

Headteachers, staff and parents will be kept informed if there are any changes to this situation.


PPP schools in Fife

  • Projects in the second phase of Fife’s PPP programme wree built by Miller Construction. These are Duloch Campus, Oakley Campus, Fair Isle, Inverkeithing, Kennoway, Masterton, St Columba’s RC and Strathallan Primary Schools. 
  • Schools in the first phase of PPP were built using a different contractor, different design team and to a different design. These are Beath High, Queen Anne High and Anstruther Primary Schools.
  • All buildings are checked regularly and our contractors carry out annual inspections of the fabric of the buildings. The 2016 annual inspections were carried out over the Easter break and no issues were raised.
  • The contractor agreed to undertake its own intrusive sample survey which was done in conjunction with an independent third party engineer.
  • The council’s own structural engineering team carried out extra inspections at a sample of three of the PPP2 schools, again over Easter, and no issues were raised then either.
  • As a final precaution, we have commissioned intrusive, technical inspections of all Fife PPP school buildings to double-check the findings to date. This work will continue through April.
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