Moving and Handling

Year-on-year, work-related moving and handling activities continue to account for the majority of Fife Council’s lost-time injuries. These injuries are often significant and the chronic effects can be life-changing.

The Procedures below describe the responsibilities and duties of managers to effectively manage risks arising from all moving & handling activities and thereby eliminate or minimise related incidents and injuries.


Application to People Handing:

Please refer to separate Policy and Procedure document (OHS-C-64 below)  for people handling activities. This document is currently issued at "working Draft" status and in cooperation with the Workforce Development Moving and Handling Team. Further update is expected early 2017.




Moving and Handling refers to all work-related activity which involves a physical effort to move or support a load, including lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying, shovelling, etc.


Load refers to any object such as a box, crate, bale, sack, timber batten, masonry, tile, bin, household object, a person or an animal and includes any trolley, sack barrow or mechanical aid used to move or handle that load by physical effort.



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