Education Support for Service Families

Getting it Right for Armed Forces Children in Fife

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All through our lives we live with and manage change.  Our staff in nursery, primary and secondary schools have an understanding of the challenges facing armed forces children on the move.  They are committed to ensuring that your child experiences a smooth transition that reduces any interruption to their educational progress.

Whether it is for the first or the sixth time, moving house and school can be a significant challenge for children and young people.  The transition can offer new experiences, opportunities and friendships but may also represent leaving people, places and things that were important and familiar.  Moving can also be hard work, stressful and demanding for you a parents, especially if you are leaving extended family members, childcare supports, jobs and a house or town you have been settled in.


There are usually lots of practicalities to sort out, plan and organise.  Ensuring that children are settled and positive throughout the change process is a key priority for parents and one which our schools will do their best to support.

Fife Council’s Education and Learning Directorate has well established links with the military bases in the area, Leuchars Station and RN Rosyth. Our schools work closely with military welfare offices to ensure that the children of service families are well supported when they move in or out of Fife.










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