Bogus callers

Fife Trusted Trader Scheme

Fife Trusted Trader Scheme

Bogus Callers

Bogus callers and workmen can cause fear and misery, especially to the older and vulnerable members of the community they tend to target.

Always be on your guard when anyone you’re not expecting calls at your home. A genuine caller will make an appointment first and carry identification with their photograph on it.

There are three main types of bogus caller:-


Distraction, Bogus Official, and Bogus Workman


Remember to;

Stop -  Always check via a window or spyhole who is at your door. If you do not know the person or are suspicious in any way do not open your door.

Chain - Always put the chain on before opening the door

Check - Leave the chain on while you check the identity card carefully. If in doubt check it by phone or ask them to return when you have someone else with you.


The following tips will also help keep you secure at home: 

- Consider contacting your utility provider/s and arranging a password. This will ensure persons stating they are employees from these companies are genuine.

- Never trust persons coming to your door without a prior appointment. Always check these people out fully before giving them access to your home.

- Keep your doors locked even when at home. Always put on your security chain or talk to people from behind the locked door to ascertain their business.

- When checking any ID provided, note details and contact the company by phone. Do not use any telephone number provided by them and always ensure you close and lock your door whilst checking them out.


Fife Cares home security visits are offered to victims of bogus crime but are also available free of charge to help people feel more secure at home.


For more information on your rights as a consumer, look up our Consumer Advice. Our independent Trusted Trader  scheme has also been established to help customers to find a trader that they can trust. 

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