(Health and Safety in) Procurement


The Corporate Health and Safety Team, in conjunction with colleagues in the Council's Central Procurement Team, have developed guidance(document below) to provide essential health and safety guidance for those in Fife Council involved in purchasing and procurement decisions.


The Guidance provides general information to ensure that a proper and proportionate consideration is given to health and safety matters when making purchasing or procurement decisions, with a particular focus on issues likely to have a significant health and safety impact.


Many of us in Fife Council are directly or indirectly involved with buying or procurement of new services, works, machinery and work articles (tools, materials, equipment and substances), Service-to-Service disposals, or perhaps the decision to accept a donation of new or second-hand goods.


Those involved in these buying or procurement processes have a responsibility to ensure that we procure goods and services in ways which ensure compliance with Fife Council’s duties under health and safety law, and which ensure any risks arising are properly managed and should therefore make themselves familiar with the content of this Guidance Document.



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