Pedestrian crossings

Puffin Crossing

Puffin Crossing

Transportation Services is responsible for all permanent pedestrian crossings. These crossings are provided to manage traffic flow, aid pedestrians in crossing the road and to increase road safety for all users.

Types of crossings seen in Fife include:

  • Zebra Crossing - Providing black and white marked crossing point with yellow flashing globes. These types of crossings require traffic to be aware of users at the crossing and stop to give way. Pedestrians should also ensure they are away of vehicles approaching the crossing to ensure they have been seen.
  • Pelican Crossing - This type of crossing uses traffic lights to stop traffic and allow pedestrians to cross. Pedestrians should push the button and wait for the green man to illuminate before crossing. If you approach the crossing and the green man has gone out you should not start to cross, but if the green man goes out when you are crossing there will be plenty of time to continue crossing.
  • Toucan Crossing - This is the same as a pelican crossing, however this crossing allows for both pedestrians and cycles to cross. These can be recognised by the additional push button and a cycle symbol beside the green man.
  • Puffin Crossing - This is a form of inteligent pelican crossing. This includes detectors that know if you are still trying to cross the road and extends the time to cross. When using a puffin you should stand on the coloured slabs until the green man illuminates, if you cross the road before the green man the signals will cancel and vehicles will not be signaled to stop. This ensures that if someone pushes the button and changes their mind the traffic will not be stopped needlessly.
  • Crossing Islands - Where we are unable to provide one of the above crossings we may provide crossing islands. This aids crossing the road as it provides a refuge in the middle so pedestrians only need to cross one lane at a time.

For any reports of faults on crossings, you can notify us by using our Road Reporting Form.

If you require any further information on crossings in Fife please use the contact details provided.

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