Decision notices

Our aim is to process your application within 2 months of validation. This may not be possible if we need to consult with external organisations or statutory consultees.  Please note that the time allowed for determining major applications is 4 months.

Under our Scheme of Delegation decisions can be made by either a Case Officer or a Planning Committee.

The different levels in the decision making process determine how you can appeal against a decision.  Only the applicant has the right to appeal.

Regardless of who makes the decision there may be a number of outcomes which could be to:

  • refuse the application
  • approve it subject to conditions
  • approve it with no conditions

Once a decision has been reached we will send an email advising you, or your agent, that you can view your decision online.   If your application is approved, this will include any conditions that the Council thinks necessary.  If it is refused, there will be detailed reasons for refusal and you have the right of appeal within 3 months of decision.  Details of how to appeal are included with the decision notice. 

Planning decisions can be viewed by searching the planning register.  Anyone who has commented on your application will be notified in writing of the Council's decision.

Many applications are granted consent subject to conditions.  These may require certain works to be carried out, or details approved before work starts. Work cannot lawfully commence until those conditions are complied with. You will need to complete and send us a Commencement Form when you begin work. 

If an approved application does not begin within a certain time period from the time of decision the consent for that development will lapse. A fresh application will have to be submitted to the Council for the development.  This will involve a further payment for your application.

Details of the time allowed will be included in your decision letter.

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