Employment and training initiatives

A main aim for Fife Council is to provide improved educational attainment and achievement for all. In order for us to acheive this we can guide you to a number of training programmes. These are designed to get people from all backgrounds, skills and abilities into employment. Supported employment can provide insight into the training available and information about how to access other employment support.


Opportunities Fife work with employers to ensure their needs are being met and training in Fife can then reflect that need. 

Fife Council also require Fife's employers to offer job opportunities and experience to enhance the training and experience of trainees. We will provide advice and support to those employers who offer employment, whether short or long term, to people on many of the training programmes.

Fife Council provide information and advice to employers:

  • Employing our Modern Apprentices and other trainees
  • Providing work placements (takes you to an external website) to enable trainees to gain experience
  • Employing people with disabilities or mental health issues
  • Employing people on a low income
  • Sourcing Health and Safety (takes you to an external website) qualifications for their staff in the construction industry
  • Opportunities Fife (takes you to an external site) can provide additional resources and advice

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