Equal opportunities information

Fife Council’s commitment to promoting Equality of Opportunity is in its statement of corporate values which makes a commitment to quality and equality in the work of the Council.

Equal opportunities isn’t only about equal access to employment and delivery of services, it’s about rights and fairness, participation and involvement. Given the Council is the largest employer in Fife, we have the ability to influence a large section of the Community’s living standards. We therefore have to ensure the opportunities we offer are accessible by all sections of the community and in doing so, we will help meet not only our aims and values and legal commitments but also our ethical obligations.

In addition, providing equality of opportunity makes good business sense in that our employees’ potential is fully harnessed. We can also ensure that we access the fullest possible range of talents and abilities within our community when seeking potential employees. Consequently we are committed to promoting equality of opportunity and to eliminating unfair discrimination within our own employment practices.

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