Former tenant arrears

It is our policy to actively pursue arrears from former tenants and try to recover any money owed to the Council.

We will also take all reasonable steps to trace former tenants including using our own resources, the internet, and if necessary a reputable tracing and debt collection agency.

Debt can include:

  • arrears of rent owed by a former tenant
  • arrears for rental of a lock up or garage
  • legal expenses
  • repair costs (if a property is left in a poor state.)

To recover the debt we will:

  • negotiate payment arrangements based on the former tenant’s financial circumstances, and we will provide a choice of payment methods to make it as simple and convenient as possible for them to pay.
  • take appropriate legal action to recover the money, including wage arrestment and bank account arrestment, if need be.

Payments from former tenants in arrears can be made by calling 03451 55 00 44.

How can I make sure I have no rent arrears when I move out of my property?

  • A Local Service Adviser will carry out a property inspection when you end your tenancy. If you have rent arrears at this time you should pay the outstanding balance in full
  • You should check your rent balance when you hand in your keys. There may be Housing Benefits adjustments to be made

How can I have arrears when I have moved out of my tenancy?
  • If you abandon your property, you will be charged until the date of the property termination as set out in your Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement, at least 4 weeks rent
  • If repairs are necessary when you terminate you may be liable for the cost
  • If you do not hand in your keys on time, you may be liable for any additional rent charges
  • If you are entitled to housing benefit and have not completed the housing benefit forms you will be liable to pay the rent

How can I clear or make an agreement to pay my former tenant arrears?
  • You can phone the Contact Centre on 03451 55 00 44
  • You can pay with your rent payment card at any pay point or Post Office
  • If you wish to make a special arrangement you should contact us on 03451 555 555, enter extension 444088
  • By direct debit or standing order
How do I pay by direct debit or standing order?
  • You will need your property reference number, this will be on your rent payment card, rent arrears letter or you can phone the number below to speak to an advisor
  • You should complete a standing order or a direct debit mandate
  • Both mandates can be accessed at the bottom of this page

What will happen if I ignore my former tenant arrears?
  • Court action may be taken against you
  • your details may be passed to Sheriff Officers to take further action
  • Outstanding rent arrears may affect you being allocated another property with the council or registered social landlord

What action can a Sheriff Officer take against me?
  • can action a freeze on you bank account
  • can arrange a wage arrestment from your employer

Can I apply for another tenancy if I have former tenant rent arrears?
  • You can apply for another council tenancy however your application may be suspended until the arrears are paid or you are keeping to a regular agreement to repay 

Where can I get further advice?
  • You may want to seek independent legal advice, for example from one of the following agencies:
    • CARF
    • Fife Council Money Advice Service
    • Shelter

Rent Payment & Arrears (lines open 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
Tel: 03451 55 00 44
By Post: Fife House North Street Glenrothes Fife KY7 5LT
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