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Keep the house in good repair - Anyone in your household, or your guests, must not cause any deliberate damage to the property.  If you damage the property or notice that something is faulty, you should report it to your landlord immediately. If you caused the damage, you will be responsible for repairing it.

Everyone is encouraged to think ahead and get ready for all forms of severe weather. If you go away during winter make sure you take measures to stop your pipes from freezing. For further information please contact ‘Ready Scotland’

Getting on with your neighbours - Anyone in your household, or your guests should take care to behave in a way that will not cause nuisance or annoyance to your neighbours. This includes:

  • not playing your music too loud
  • not playing your TV too loud
  • letting your neighbours know if you are having a party
  • entering and leaving your house quietly
  • disposing of rubbish carefully
  • building a good relationship with your neighbours
  • quickly arranging a rubbish pick up from the council for bulky items
  • not using your house for illegal purposes.

 If you behave in a way that is antisocial, your landlord may have grounds to evict you.

Provide your landlord with proper notice - If you want to leave, you must give proper notice or you could end up with rent arrears and in addition having to pay any legal costs that your landlord incurs.

Heating your Home

For information and assistance on heating your home, please contact Cosy Kingdom on 01592 858458
Text  ‘COSY’ then YOUR NAME to 88440 

St Andrews Environmental Network (StAndEN) on 01334 659315

CARF on 03451 400095 

The Energy Saving Trust manages delivery of the Scottish Government’s schemes through the Home Energy Scotlandhotline.  For telephone advice (free from landlines and most mobiles) call 0808 808 2282 or text ‘WARM’ to 81025 for a call back.  Home Energy Scotland website.

To request a Cosy Kingdom, free home energy visit, please complete the attached "Do it On-line" e-form:  Cosy Kingdom Referral Form.

Please note that any proposed permanent changes to the rental property would need to be discussed with your landlord.

Rent Pressure Zones

As part of the new private residential tenancy, we’re introducing Rent Pressure Zones (RPZ). From 1 December, if a council thinks rents are rising too much in a certain area, they can apply to the Scottish Government, to have that area designated as a Rent Pressure Zone.

A Rent Pressure Zone means that a cap on rent increases is set for up to five years.  Any cap set will be at least the Consumer Price Index (CPI) +1% and will apply to existing tenants with new private residential tenancies.

To do that the council must meet the following requirements and demonstrate the following:

  • rents in the area are rising too much
  • the rent rises are causing problems for the tenants
  • the council is coming under pressure to provide housing or subsidise the cost of housing as a result.

The Scottish Government will consult landlords’ and tenants’ representatives before any area is designated a Rent Pressure Zone.

So it’s an exciting time for private tenancies. Do make sure you’re aware of all the changes so you can take advantage of them and read the guides for landlords and for tenants to find out more about the changes.

Responsibilities as a Private Tenant

If you have an assured, short assured tenancy or one under the new tenancy regime, you have many rights as a tenant. However, you also have responsibilities. It is important that you keep to the terms of your tenancy agreement or your landlord may be able to evict you.

There is Protection Against Illegal Eviction and Harrassment For Private Rented Sector Tenants - As a tenant with a private landlord, the law protects you against harassment and illegal eviction, you can get more information by contacting your local Citizens Advice and Rights Fife (CARF) offices for advice and assistance - 0845 1400 095

Pay your rent on time - It is important that you pay your rent on time. If you have rent arrears, don't ignore them!  If you are behind with your rent, your landlord will have grounds to start legal proceedings for eviction. Contact your landlord to discuss how you will clear your arrears. Landlords are much more likely to be sympathetic if they know that you are trying to resolve the matter. 

Remember, if you are renting from a private landlord, they may be relying on your rent to pay the mortgage.

If you are having problems paying your rent, please contact Frontline Fife on 01592 800 430. Frontline Fife offer tenants and landlords impartial free independent Housing Information. They work to prevent homelessness through education, advice, advocacy, support and delivery of services.  

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