Repair responsibilities

What is Fife Council responsible for?
Fife Council is responsible for keeping the structure and outside of your home in good repair and for most of the major repairs. 

What is your responsibility?
Tenants are responsible for any repairs caused by misuse, accident or neglect, and the items as shown in the table below.


Council Responsibility

Tenant responsibility


Door entry systems

Door bell and door chain

Outside doors (including doors to flats in closes)

Trimming doors for carpeting. 

Internal doors

Internal doors damaged by your household or  visitors

Where identified, the Council will replace any non-regulation glass on internal doors with safety glass

Broken Glass on internal doors (this must be replaced with safety glass).



Glazing in fanlights and borrowed lights


Bars on electric fires supplied by the Council

Electric Fire – fuses, plugs and surrounds

Wiring circuits and outlets installed by the Council

Plugs and fuses.

Standard light fittings

Non-standard fittings (lights, sockets, switches etc)

Extractor fan

Light bulbs including bathroom Eurodome, fluorescent, electric fire and external fittings

Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide detectors. 

Lithium batteries

Smoke detector batteries (square 9V only)

Communal television aerial or satellite dish in blocks of 5 or more storeys and sheltered housing complexes

Television aerials and satellite dishes (except communal systems maintained by the Council)

Communal stair lighting


Immersion heater



Chimney, fireplace, firebasket, baby bricks and tiles. 

Chimney sweeping (other than at annual service of solid fuel system).

Gas/electrical/solid fuel installations: servicing and repair



Kitchen units, sink bowl and drainer (through fair wear and tear).

Alterations to kitchen layout or worktops to accommodate new appliances



External door locks.

Locks (damaged by your household or visitors).


Keys - lost or broken: the Council can arrange to get you into your home if you are locked out but there is a charge for this service.


Clothes drying poles and rotary driers provided by the Council

Ropes for use with clothes poles, rotary driers and pulleys.

Boundary and divisional fencing/gates/walls – subject to safety considerations as per our Policy.

Hat/coat racks, hooks, shelves or other items not provided by the Council.

Communal Areas i.e. stairwells, lighting, banisters etc

Wooden garden sheds

Front access, communal access and footpaths provided by the Council

Rear access paths.                                          Driveways and hardstandings are the responsibility of the tenant UNLESS forming part of access to the front door or where sold as mutual.

External redecoration.


Internal redecoration, including minor cracks and holes (e.g. screw holes following removal of a shelf, cracks less than 5 mm wide etc) in plasterwork. 

Wall tiling installed by a tenant

Plasterwork following structural movement or works carried out by the Council

Changes to type or location of meter boxes or meters (please contact your power supplier)


Infestations inside the house e.g. ants, carpet beetles and silver fish.

Infestations of fleas.

The Council provides a service for which a charge is made for infestations outwith the house in gardens, around paths etc e.g. bee hives.


Renewal or provision of washing machine fittings at Change of Tenancy

Fittings for new washing machine or dish washer

Domestic water supply and distribution (including the storage tank and the hot water cylinder)

Plugs and chains for sink, wash-hand basin and bath.


Plumbing repairs



Shower unit/overhead shower, including plumbing and electrics, installed by the current tenant with permission (for time of warranty).

Shower curtain & rail (wet floor shower or level access shower only)

Shower rails, curtains or curtain hooks where shower is over bath

Drains (not main sewers - they are the responsibility of Scottish Water).

Coloured or wooden toilet seats

Rain water, and soil & vent pipes

Replacement of damaged sanitary fittings - where not fair wear & tear


*Alterations to gas or plumbing pipes to accommodate new appliances. 


*Repairs to the flexible gas hose from the bayonet connection to the cooker


*Supply and fit a new bayonet for a cooker

*Gas pipes can only be worked on by GasSafe engineers.


Windows, external doors and external glazing will be repaired where breakage is by a third party and the incident is reported to the Police.

All other external glazing  breakages


Double glazing units - condensation

Curtain rails.

Window locks where fitted by Council

Other window locks

Window catches, frames, handles


Sash cords (ropes for windows).







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