Domestic & sexual abuse

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Domestic violence or gender-based violence includes a wide range of abusive behaviours such as:

  • domestic abuse
  • emotional abuse
  • rape
  • incest and childhood sexual abuse
  • sexual harassment and intimidation at work and in the public sphere
  • commercial sexual exploitation, including prostitution, pornography and trafficking
  • dowry related violence
  • female genital mutilation
  • forced and child marriages
  • “honour crimes”

Women and children are most commonly the victims.  But men can also experience a range of these abusive behaviours. There are support agencies that can help.  

You can find more information and details of who can help you:

  • by clicking on the links on the left hand side of this page,
  • from the attached publication "TALK leaflet for services users"or
  • contact Fife Domestic and Sexual Abuse Partnership on 01592-583690 for further information

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