Employee Health & Wellbeing



Fife Council recognises that providing employees with access to information regarding health and well-being is beneficial, both to the employee as well as to the organisation.

  • Healthier workforces are more productive
  • Being recognised as an employer that takes the health and well-being of employees seriously reflects positively on the reputation and culture of any organisation

Your health and well-being is important.  Ensuring you are as well as possible, both physically and mentally, means that you can do the things you need to do. How well you are physically has an impact on your mental health (well-being) and vice versa, so keeping yourself as healthy as possible will make you feel better, and that means you’re more likely to be able to cope with the demands of life.


People Asset Management, our Occupational Health and Physiotherapy provider, have a website which holds information on health conditions and the impact of these in the workplace. The link to that website is www.pammedicinechest.co.uk


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