Life Jackets This class is open to anyone who can swim - an ideal family activity. (Minimum age 11yrs).

In an indoor pool participants can be taught the safety aspects of canoeing - including capsize drills and learn various paddle/stroke techniques, rescues and eskimo rolls.

There maybe a waiting list for this class. Please note 2 separate classes run on a Wednesday & Friday. If you want to attend both then you must register for both.

Similarly at Lochgelly High School Community Use on Monday evenings we are offering 3 courses of 6 weeks each. This will be winter paddling coaching provided by Fife Outdoor Education Instructors on a range of kayak skills. Ideal for those looking to improve skills including learning to eskimo roll. 2 classes will run each night with a beginners/improvers and improvers class.

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Charge Description Cost
Adult 6 Week Course £29.40
Madras 4 Week Block Adult (Fifestyle concessions apply) £22.80
Junior up to 16 6 week Course £21.00