Twin & Partner Town: Holzminden, Germany

1. Town/ contacts

Stadt Holzminden Stadt Holzminden


Neue Strasse 12 Postfach 1462 37603 Holzminden 37593 Holzminden


Tel: 00 (49) 55.31.959.0

Fax: 00 (49) 55.31.959.303



Brief Description

2. Population/Location

Total population: 21,699 (July 2001)

Holzminden is situated to the South of Hannover.

The river Weser and the surrounding mountains characterize the scenery.

Nature reserve Mecklenburg nearby in Germany’s biggest moor- area.

Size of town- area: 27.269.900 qm

3. Main Activities

  • Chemical (scent) industries
  • Goods and fabric industries.

  • Electro and glass industries.
  • Allersheim- brewery

4. Particular Assets/ Problems

Scenic location (Weserbergland) with historical monuments = tourism


5. Nearest International Airport (Distance)

Hanover ( 80 kms = 50 miles), Paderborn (75 kms = 47 miles)

6. Range Of Municipal Functions (E.G. Primary Education, Street Cleansing, Etc.)

Primary & Secondary Schools Fire Brigade Cemeteries Plannings

Libraries Utilities Water and gas supply Public pools

Recreation Tourism Street cleansing Parks and Gardens

Environmental Health Water purification plants Museum


7. Higher And/ Or Lower Tier Of Government (plus functions)/Administrative Structure

Land Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)

Landkreis Holzminden: Functions (performed jointly between Landkreis and town)

  • primary, secondary and high schools

  • technical college (archiecture)

  • economic development

  • social services and youth services

  • regional development and planning

Description of Town Council

8. Number Of Councillors


9. Political Balance (I.E., Main Party And Major Opposition Parties)

CDU (Christian Democratic Union) 14

SPD (German Social Democratic Party) 13



FDP (Free Democratic Party) 1

10. Name Of Mayor (and other senior figures)

Bürgermeister (Lord Mayor): Dr. Wolfgang Böning (SPD)

Ratsvorsitzender (Chair of the Council): Günther Grigoleit (CDU)

Stadtdirektor (Chief Executive): Heinrich von Bargen

Ortsbürgermeister Neuhaus: Dirk Reuter
Ortsbürgermeister Silberborn: Wolfgang Peter
Ortsvorsteher Mühlenberg: Fritz Gattermann

11. Name(s) Of Politician(s) and Officers(s) Responsible For Twinning And Overseas Links

Rolf-Dieter Milte

Stadt Holzminden

Neue Strasse 12

37603 Holzminden

Tel: 00 (49) 55.31.959.204

Fax:00 (49) 55.31.959.288

12. Contact Name and Number of Independent Twinning Associations

Chairman: Peter Paterson

Tel: 01333 426 669

Involvement in EU Programmes/European Associations

13. Structural Fund Status (I.E., Objective1, 2, Etc.)

Objective 2

14. Special European Funded Projects


15. Membership of European Organisations


Social and Cultural Activities

16. Major Annual Festivities Or Trade Fairs

  • Altendorfer Fest
  • Every two years: Schützenfest Festival (shooting competition)
  • Strassentheaterfestival (Street Theatre Festival)
  • Bildhauersymposium (Sculpture Symposium)

17. Other Twin Towns


18. History of Twinning Links with Fife

The twinning began on the 27th June 1986 with Levenmouth, later with Kirkcaldy District Council.

Since then: visits among others from the Holzminden Handharmonika Spielring, the Holzmindener Gymnasium (High school), politicians, councillors and individuals.

Art exhibition in Kirkcaldy "Zeitgeist" (spirit of the times).

In September/October 1997, students’ visit from Holzminden Campe-Gymnasium to Leven (Kirkland Highschool, Mr.John Brown).

Participation in Twinning Conference (held in Fife) in March 1998.

In Holzminden: visit among others from politicians and from individuals, Organisation Committees, Donaldson Timber Engineering Ltd football team, Wayfarers Group.

Additonal information

19. Schools

5 Grundschulen (Primary schools, 1st to 4th grade)

1 Hauptschule (5th to 9th grade)

1 Realschule (5th to 10th grade)

2 Gymnasien (high schools, 5th to 13th grade)

2 schools with terms during which pupils are selected to attend different schools

1 Sonderschule (special school for pupils with difficulties)

1 school to prepare pupils for work

1 Music School

20. What to see and do


  • There are several Ackerbürgerhäuser (old half- timbered houses from former rich citizens in the Hintere Strasse. Some of these houses have a sandstone roof or sometimes even sandstone walls. The biggest and most decorated one of the Ackerbürgerhäuser is the Severinsche Haus (built in 1638).
  • The Reichspräsidentenhaus has a big carillon with different melodies every hour. Sometimes you can even see the figures of the students of the Fachhochschule passing by.

  • The Tilly- House was built in 1609 and was one of the few houses not to be destroyed by the fires of the Thirty Years War. They assume that Tilly stayed in this house whilst in town.

  • The Luther- church is Holzminden’s most famous landmark. It was rebuild in 1577.
  • The market place in the centre of the old town has several water fountains and is used for markets and festivities like the Schützenfest with its flag parade.

  • There is a Raabe- fountain nearby to honour the town’ s most famous son, Wilhelm Rabbe. It shows the figure of one of his stories.

  • Behind the Fachhochschule: a big park and two ponds. These ponds and another one were used to power the iron factory that stood on the site of the Fachhochschule and which was working between 1745 and 1840.

  • The Town Museum shows Holzminden’s history, its people and the old way of living. There is also a Doll and Toy Museum.

  • There are several golf courses nearby.

21. History

The district town of Holzminden is named after the river Holzminden (which means Waldbach, mountain stream) that flows in the Weser at this point.

Holzminden was founded about 1200 by the Counts of Everstein next to their castle and near the river. Since 1408 the town belongs to the Weldon and from the early 16th century to the Wolfenbütteler (family). However, it did belong to the

Braunschweig between 1815 and 1941.

In the Thirty Years War (1640) the town was destroyed by the emperor’s army and then recovered slowly.

Till the 20th century it was an agricultural area with several crafts’ people and traders. In the 1700s the town had an upturn since an iron industry and some other trades were established.

In 1831 the first building- school was established (today it is the Fachhochschule Hildesheim- Holzminden for Architectur and engineering).

The people of Holzminden used to work with wood and sandstone, but today there are a range of different industries.

In 1874 the Taste- and Smell- center Haamann & Reimer was founded, where the artificial Vanille- esence was discovered. They now also have the Dragoco- Werk, which works in the same branch.

Holzminden is wellknown because of Wilhelm Raabe (1831- 1910) who spend his

childhood in this town and whose stories act here.

22. Famous People

Wilhelm Raabe (poet).

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